Let's create your future BME devices at your BME MedTech CDMO center!

About Us

Shinemound will help prepare customers to grow further in their industry.  We can help accelerate your device to stay ahead in the competitive global market.

  • Enhance Customer's market share
  • Stay Innovative and Constant Upgrade
  • Passionately developing BME MedTech devices
  • Welcome challenges and stay Resilience

Whether you are planning to transfer existing projects, start up a new medical device manufacture, expand your current medical manufacturing capacity, or have cutting-edge innovative BME MedTech devices, our outstanding professional team can help you solve your most challenging projects.

Shinemound provides development and manufacturing services to BME MedTech devices in a newly acquired Taiwan facility.  The Shinemound team has the capability to deliver high output and execute the most challenging project.

Our offering for all-phase development with our expertise for the US, EU, Asia, and global markets.


BME MedTech CDMO Integrated resource center for you
Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization)

  • Core Resources
  • R/D manufacturing / Pilot Factories
  • Mass Productions
  • Automations
  • Optimal Process

In order to reach ALL WINS, we will continuously invest in the following area.

  1. Invest Holistic hospital in Taiwan
  2. Taiwan BME MedTech Island
  3. Global BME MedTech R&D center
  4. Taiwan BME OEM/ODM/CDMO Integrations center
  5. BME MedTech CDMO center  


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