Why chose Shinemound?

The Shinemound Pledge

As a Biomedical Engineering (BME) CDMO, Shinemound is embraced by our partner's unicorn achievements. When you choose Shinemound – we make your unicorn successful based on Integrities 5 P‘s –

Precious Integrity, Prodigies, Pride, Professionals(BME), and Progress innovation. 

These 5 elements of success are Shinemound Pledge to our customers as follows -

Precious Integrity

33 years of satisfaction with our Customers

At Shinemound, we are determined to put this right. When we make promises we keep them. We have over a decade of outstanding records to prove ourselves.


All Wins for Stake Holders

With so much on the line, reliable, sustainable partnerships are as important to us as they are to those we work with. Where many OEM/ODMs seem to favor short-term wins, we commit our efforts to create long-term, strategic relationships where unicorn success is achieved together.


Unicorn GMP system guarantees Quality itself

As a BME CDMO, we take immense pride in what we perform. It’s only by pursuing appreciation in the quality of our product, the services we’ve delivered, or the unicorn GMP can be a mutual success.

Professionals (BME)

Integrate the best BME/Technology professionals

Diverse BME specialties make us exceptionally versatile. As a BME CDMO with challenging goals, our group are full of dedicated and devoted BME/Technology professionals!

Progressive innovations

Staying ahead of the competition for the future

At Shinemound, we’re set on the medical devices arena, the first-ever BME CDMO business and culture fit for the future.  Enhancing BME capability and expertise, seeking continuous improvement, and evolving with the innovative unmet needs BME devices for our customers.

At Shinemound, we see it as our mission and our duty to make our customers successful. As the first-ever, BME CDMO, we know better than most that our own pride is embraced by our client’s unicorn success.

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